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At Raundahl & Moesby, we strive to demonstrate high moral standards in our interactions with others and prioritize sustainability, biodiversity, and social engagement in helping the less fortunate. However, we acknowledge that construction can pose challenges on various fronts, and the temporary nature of a construction site can give rise to conflicts with neighbors, commuters, suppliers, workers, employees, or others.

With this page, we aim to provide you with access to a platform where you can lodge complaints regarding any concerns where you believe we are not meeting our professional and moral obligations. Initially, we encourage you to directly contact the person you wish to complain about and, hopefully, through constructive dialogue, resolve the issue. If your complaint pertains to a specific construction site, you may then address the construction management team handling the matter. Our on-site construction offices are generally staffed during regular office hours. If you find that the aforementioned channels have not yielded the desired results, you have the opportunity to escalate your complaint to:

Construction sites on Zealand; Director East, Morten Jensen, phone: 61151583 – email

Construction sites in Jutland and Funen; Technical Director, Per Falstie Jensen, phone:  29465160 – email

General matters; Legal Staff, Dorthe Krabbe Lyngs, phone: 20900377 – email

If your complaint involves matters that require confidentiality, you may contact our Legal Chief, Kristian Skaarup, phone: +4520990299 – email: il who, as a lawyer, is bound by rules of confidentiality.

Finally, it is possible to reach out to the external/anonymous access to our complaint system, where we have established a whistleblower scheme that complies with applicable legislation. This involves an external company that can ensure both confidentiality and anonymity if required. It is important to note that when confidentiality and anonymity are requested, it may hinder the initiation of corrective actions. For instance, if someone feels harassed by an individual associated with Raundahl & Moesby, but there is no information regarding when, where, or who is involved, it can be very challenging to address the issue in anything other than a general manner.


Therefore, we encourage you as a complainant to provide as much information as possible. In return, we promise to handle your complaint with integrity and seriousness, and we guarantee that your submission will not be used against you.

Transparency has been one of the core values at Raundahl & Moesby since its establishment, and it is communicated and upheld by the company’s employees on a daily basis. Our goal is to ensure that this transparency is clearly reflected in our handling of complaints.

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