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About Raundahl & Moesby

About Us

Raundahl & Moesby is among Denmark’s leading construction and real estate development companies – our specialty is delivering value-add projects. We design, develop and deliver residential and commercial projects with a genuine focus upon value creation – not only for clients but also future users.

Our lengthy experience with all aspects of the design and construction process, including meaningful sustainability, ensures each project achieves the agreed goals and objectives.

Our documented results are the result of a long-standing commitment to building value-add partnerships with our clients. These relationships are founded upon mutual trust – we embrace the fact that trust and client confidence are values which require both constant commitment and an unwavering focus upon quality.

This quality is reflected in Raundahl & Moesby’s commitment to delivering projects where all defects have been remedied before the agreed completion date.

Raundahl & Moesby’s construction team espouses a unique ethos of shared ownership for all our projects – from the architects’ first sketches all the way through to the completed project’s operational phase.

Our relationships are based upon mutual respect and clear communication – from start to finish – and our team are committed to delivering an outstanding professional service and results.

Raundahl & Moesby business model

It’s simple. Long-lasting value creation is at the centre of our business model. Each and every day we strive to be the Danish construction industry’s preferred value-add partner.

Team structure

Raundahl & Moesby’s two full-service offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus comprise over 115 dedicated employees delivering construction projects of a consistent high quality throughout Denmark.

We have developed a flat, dynamic team-based structure where the individual project teams comprising Development/Sales, Technical & Design and Construction Project Management combine to ensure the best results for our clients and partners.

We are proud to say that Raundahl & Moesby have some of the best employees in the Danish construction industry. They are our most important resource. The high level of individual expertise means that our people are empowered to make the correct decisions to drive projects in the right direction and achieve our clients’ objectives.

The open sharing of knowledge and best practice throughout the Raundahl & Moesby organisation is a key discipline which ensures that project teams benefit from the depth and breadth of our shared experience bank.

As a responsible employer in the Danish construction industry, Raundahl & Moesby maintains a focus upon both our wider social responsibilities and the development of new talent – this is witnessed by our annual intake of new trainees and part-time employees seeking a new start in the workplace.

Core Competences

At Raundahl & Moesby, we specialise in knowledge based residential and commercial construction. We have many years of experience with construction design, project management and delivering client value alongside documented climate change (LCA) accountability.

As an acknowledged nationwide expert Raundahl & Moesby possesses both a deep knowledge bank and a creative solution-based approach to real estate development and construction management.

Clients, Partners and Investors

Raundahl & Moesby is a leading general construction contractor with a long tradition of working with a wide range of clients, partners and investors. A tradition of well documented results – and satisfied, repeat clients from both the private and public sectors.

Our clients include both Danish and international institutional investors as well as private property companies, landowners, commercial occupiers and developers. Our clients demand a partner who can deliver consistent value-add services ranging from site identification and acquisition, local planning, project design and construction management combined with competitive pricing.

If you are considering a new office building or investing in a residential development project – regardless of whether it is within the private or public sectors – please contact our Sales and Property Development department here

Commercial Occupiers

Raundahl & Moesby deliver tailormade solutions to commercial occupiers and tenants within the office, retail and logistic industries.

We have many years of experience with the development and construction of landmark commercial development projects, and we have access to strategically located commercial development sites in the key development areas throughout the country.

Our comprehensive list of references for commercial development and construction projects can be found here: References

Contact our Sales and real estate development department to hear how we can help your project get off the ground.

Landowners and developers

At Raundahl & Moesby we constantly seek out and source new residential and commercial development opportunities throughout the country.

We have a long tradition of developing sites and existing buildings – often in close cooperation and partnership with landowners or investors. We have documented experience with creating value for our partners and clients by designing bespoke development strategies, site masterplans, negotiating with planning authorities, neighbours and investors. Shared value creation is part of our DNA.

Contact our Sales and property development department to hear how we can create and realise the value hidden within your property.  Contact here

Our focus upon knowledge-based construction processes is illustrated by the Raundahl & Moesby Design & Technical Department.

Design & Technical department

The Design & Technical Department was established as a specialist in-house knowledge centre to gather and concentrate expertise within areas encompassing project design, sustainability, EU Taxonomy, operational property costs and total investment value.

The Design & Technical Department includes our professional core competence centre for specific areas such as technical installations, energy optimization, structural design and project management.

The Design & Technical Department acts as an innovative and cutting-edge knowledge team within Raundahl & Moesby with the goal of optimising decision-making processes which can be shared with our partners and clients.


Financing of construction projects has traditionally been a client responsibility. As part of our client centric approach, Raundahl & Moesby can, in specific circumstances, provide innovative and flexible financing arrangements which often mean that projects can be realised in a more cost-efficient and timely manner.

Sharp financial focus

Raundahl & Moesby’s Design & Technical Department assists our real estate development team from the very first design phase with cutting edge technical solutions to ensure value for money and budget discipline.During the ensuing project design phases, the Design & Technical Department acts as on-going sparring partners for both our construction management teams and associated architects, engineers and consultants. This ensures that optimal solutions are embedded in every phase of the project design process including buildability, sustainability, on-site logistics and total economic returns. The Design & Technical team additionally lend their expertise when it comes to the selection of sub-contractors in the design process.

Practical completion and client handover

The Design and Technical team participate as part of the on-going project review and quality control processes at Raundahl & Moesby including commissioning and the testing of technical installations during the client handover process following practical completion.

If you are seeking expert advice regarding your construction project or simply want to find out more about Raundahl & Moesby’s Design & Technical team, then please  contact us here


Sustainability and biodiversity

When it comes to sustainability at Raundahl & Moesby, we believe that actions speak louder than words. By means of our documented results, experience and in-house knowledge we seek to inspire both ourselves, our partners and our clients to work towards a sustainable future for the construction industry.

From the very start of our sustainability journey, we accepted that many green initiatives will neither in the short nor the long term provide a direct financial dividend. We believe, however, that sustainability is an ethical rather than an economic obligation, and we have the duty to work towards a sustainable future – we simply cannot see any other way forward. At the same time, we also see a huge potential in challenging traditional processes and relationships within the construction industry in order to create sustainable results.

Lifecycle and climate accountability

We admit and understand that there are a multitude of conflicting interests when it comes to driving the growth of sustainable solutions. Budgetary constraints. Documentation. Will the building authorities accept the design? Which technical solutions and materials support the new design criteria? Do traditional practices and processes get in the way of progress? Although there are many unanswered questions, we see a unique opportunity to drive sustainable change throughout our business and we embrace a responsibility which extends beyond our immediate environs.

We work within a construction projects’ entire lifecycle including the many potential areas of conflict – both internal and external. At Raundahl & Moesby we have developed, in association with Aarhus City Council and The Green Academy, a bespoke “cradle to grave” Climate Accountancy model which documents all climate related events and effects. In addition, we have also employed an in-house biologist who assists in promoting knowledge about biodiversity and who works actively to increase meaningful biodiversity within our construction projects.

If you are seeking expert advice regarding either sustainability or biodiversity or simply want to find out more about Raundahl & Moesby’s sustainability initiatives, then please contact us here

Sustainabilty & Certification

Raundahl & Moesby has a stated goal to drive the Danish construction business towards more sustainable solutions. This is in part achieved by making sustainable choices, both for us and for our clients, when it comes to designing certification strategies for our projects. We have experience in managing the leading sustainable certification processes including adding real value in terms which focus areas provide the greatest positive impact.


DGNB is a leading holistic and life-cycle certification process for buildings in Denmark. We have chosen to qualify selected Raundahl & Moesby employees within the DGNB sustainability certification system, and we now have both DGNB auditors and consultants employed within our team.  We have broad expertise with managing the DGNB certification process and guiding our clients towards maximum sustainable results from their investments.

In order to optimise the DGNB certification process we have developed a bespoke Raundahl & Moesby Best Practice model which is led by our Design & Technical team who ensure that meaningful sustainable solutions are integrated into all our construction projects.

EU Taxonomy / Classification

EU’s Taxonomy for sustainable investments is an initiative designed to define and classify economic activity and investment based upon the EU’s goals for climate and environmental sustainability. We anticipate that EU Taxonomy will have a significant impact upon future investment strategies within the European real estate and construction industries. In order that Raundahl & Moesby can remain at sustainability’s leading edge we are already implementing EU Taxonomy standards within both existing company practices and, of course, current and future construction projects.


The on-going Biodiversity crisis affects many elements of daily life though damage to or loss of wildlife habitat and ecosystems including contaminated air, restricted food supplies, lost breeding grounds and reduced mental wellbeing. At Raundahl & Moesby we have elected to take up the fight and strengthen biodiversity through direct action to support biodiversity in all our projects.

We have developed a bespoke model which measures the extent of biodiversity associated with all our construction projects. Use of this model ensures that initiatives which maximise biodiversity are integrated into every project. The Raundahl & Moesby Biodiversity model comprises a series of concrete initiatives adapted to the various types of construction projects. An initial biodiversity baseline is measured for the construction or development site – in other words, how much biodiversity is present, what needs to be preserved and what can be added?  Thereafter the architect, our biologist and project teams draw up a unique landscape design strategy which is implemented during the construction phase. Finally, post practical completion the level of biodiversity is again measured to demonstrate how the project has had a positive impact upon biodiversity.

We are proud of the fact that Raundahl & Moesby’s Biodiversity model was selected as one of Børsens Sustainability Case studies I 2022.

For further informations please contact Rob Hodgkins

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